Two day’s at Cloudbreak.

The last two day’s out at cloudbreak have been amazing. Although I missed the friday session and have seen all the images online saturday was still pumping, Kelly still dominating, boards still breaking.

Swell ranging from 4 to a solid 8ft on saturday kept everyone scratching for the horizon when the sets rolled through, most surfers coping at least a few on there heads during the session.

Sunday saw the swell decrease in size sets around the 4ft range still some fun ones but with the falling of swell brings more of a crowd, at one stage I counted around 43 people…..None of the pros about so grabbed the housing and went for a swim, the visibilty was some of the best Ive seen in Fiji 30 meters plus.

If you ever get the chance to surf cloudbreak ( big ) it will be one of the most humbling, terrifying and exciting surfs you will ever have…..Take some pointers from the man in the red wetsuit below, pack your bags and chase the next big swell, you wont regret it.


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