Humpback’s on Hump day

Ive been saving these images for a while now, but I just gotta get them out there and what better way to make you all smile on hump day, than enjoying some images of Humpback’s.

Our trip to tonga early this month was just stunning ( more images to come next week ), taking in all of the three groups of islands on offer. From the most southern island Tongatapu  up through the Ha’apai group and into whale town being the Vava’u group.

The south pacific humpback whales migrate from there feeding grounds in the Antarctic and travel over 8000 kilometres to mate and give birth to their young, after feeding up their calfs, which can put on up to 3 to 5 kilograms an hour and drinking up to 100 litres of milk per day, they hang around playing and learning life skills until the months of october/november when they return back to the arctic.

Swimming with these amazing mammals is just such an experience, one that I will never forget and cherish for a life time.

Big thanks to Allan and Lyn Bowe from Mounu Island resort for all their hospitality, give them a shout if you are ever in Tonga and want an amazing encounter with these stunning creatures.



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