2.6 @ 14sec

Nice day out at cloudbreak yesterday…yet again. Swell came, big named paddle guys and girls flew in and im sure by today they are flying out again. The swell didn’t live up to expectation’s, but still delivered some amazing ride’s for who bothered to paddle out, island lifeguard’s and Sydney’s Karl Atkins where stand out’s along with Keala Kennelly from Hawaii and also New Zealand’s Jonathon Hicks. The North winds kicked in around lunchtime and didn’t give in till late afternoon, by then everyone was at the bar getting their fair share.

Take it easy peeps, enjoy




Jonathon Hicks, setting up

Keala Kennelly checking out whats to come

Keala giving this one a miss….rightly so

One more goes unridden

Sydney’s Karl Atkins getting out of the sun

Keala’s late drop

Nice inside one JH

mmm is this board big enough….


Don’t worry there coming

Another one for Karl

Beats mowing lawns Karl

Another broken board




Tavarua boat in bound

Cloudy A-Frame?

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