Fulaga, Fiji.

Fulaga Island is situated in the southern Lau group, it’s half way to Tonga from Fiji. The Island is one large lagoon with over 300 limestone rock formations within the lagoon.

The local villages are well known in Fiji for they’re amazing carvings which they make out of local timbers and include Kava bowls, war face masks and battle tools. The villages which total around 250 receive a supply boat once every three months, so they predominately live on coconuts, cassava, local vegetable and what they catch from the rich sea which surrounds them.

Vulaga of the most beautiful islands I have visited so far, amazing and resilient people which are most welcoming of any boat that visits them.



One of the 300 limestone rock formations.

Old man waiting for some Kava

Divers bubbles

Family 1

Our fishing boat heading out of the channel

Family 2

Jewellery makers

Local divers mask

Fulagan local

Darl, where’s the kettle

Family 3

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