All spots

Day started out overcast and stayed that way. The guests where in the water at cloud break by 630 and pulling into some decent ones 4 to 5ft with the occasional bigger set.

Everyone was surfing everywhere today which kept me busy between shooting in the water and  from the boat, Wilkes 3ft perfection the learners at pools and lefts….

Most guests surfed out for the day and in bed….thats exactly where Im off to.


Cloudbreak 630am

Takkesh…didn’t make it

One of our guests friend from Tavarua

Sean getting fins out

Namotu lifeguard Travis, speed blur at Wilkes

Kieron getting heaps of shacks at cloudy the last few days

Snorkelling at cloudbreak is not recommended, this guy was lucky to get under this one

Kieron setting up for another

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