Mixed bag

The week started off well with a nice 3-5ft swell. All the guests had great waves the first couple days, Cloudbreak, lefts and wilkes where the picks with a couple of waist high ones at Restaurants.

Tuesday the winds kicked in from NNE due to a little Tropical Cyclone named Sandra who gave New Caledonia a little nudge, fingers crossed  all involved is ok. Some crew got solid  wilkes one afternoon tough going though 20 -25kts made it interesting.

Next week is looking good with a decent swell due monday night, so lets hope the winds disappear and we get some waves.

Happy Friday.



Load em up

Nice set at Cloudbreak

Fin shot

A clean one at Cloudbreak early on in the week

Windsurfer Blur

Andy on a bumpy set at Wilkes

Crail grab, yew

Sandy feet

Windy wopper Wilkes

Sunset spray

The view from lefts

Shorey view


March 15, 2013 - 12:54 am

RobertGinsberg - Wicked pics lukey!!

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