All Rounder

Well what a week, this being my last here on Namotu we couldn’t have asked for anything else. We had a slow start to the week but it quickly turned into the best week here in the last few.

The swell that was predicted turned up on time which gave everyone their choice of waves. All the guests where frothing, surfing 2 to 3 times a day. Cloudbreak got solid 8ft on the sets, the lads where getting some amazing barrels, a few snapped boards, leg ropes,  not forgetting a whole load of tower tours.

Big thanks to Scott and Mandy from Namotu for giving me a start out here. To all the lifeguards and other crew I met here its been a rad trip, thanks for the laughs,waves and beers.

Mini shakas all round.


My favourite image from this week

Drainer at CB

Sunset silhouette’s

Waiting game


Andy’s 400th barrel this week

Destination unknown


Inside runner Cloudbreak

Clean and crisp

Namotu from the shorey

No takers?

Wanqa, boss man at the boat shed

Rory and his colander hat he found

Great view for the last sunset beers

Blow out

Frog from Tavarua doing what he does best

Saki, the grass roof master

March 23, 2013 - 10:51 pm

jenny Henkel - I think you are the most talented person I no . Love you Mum

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