South Coast Taiwan.

After being in the city all week, I needed to get out, stretch my legs and get some salt water on the body. Id looked up the guys at Surf Taiwan and they arranged a ride down to their Sth coast base in Nanwan. Leaving the smog behind getting into the open fields, fish farms and clear sky  was just what the doctor ordered.

Surf was fun, small but fun. There is a cool little surf vibe going on down here, most of the locals that surf are pretty happy to see western surfer’s here. They all smile and nod there heads in recognition that they are cool surfer’s just like you.

If you come over to Taiwan I would recommend looking up Neil and Sammy from Surf Taiwan. Although it would be easy to drive around most of the beaches are tucked away in some little corner, down some little road which makes surfing here such an adventure, local knowledge is priceless. Aim to surf here during the typhoon season’s june through september for the bigger stuff, but you will get waves all year round.

Luke | Surf Tours in Tropical Taiwan


Small fun one’s.

The peak.

Feeling the inner Chi.

Yellow flyer.

Nanwan colour’s.

Moonwalker, walking on water.

Its actually a Monkey’s skull.

There are VW’s everywhere here, love it.

Murky water’s.

Shore side lines.

Black dog.

Lone flower.

This tractor’s seen its’s day.

Mmmm yeah she needs some work.

I raise you twenty.

How much is that…….

Taiwan on a sunny day.

Little dude showing off his twirling skills.

Miami baby!!

Mad Max’s mini truck

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