A walk around Lotus Lake.

Plenty to see at the Lotus Lake in Kaoshuing Taiwan. Temples, sleeping beauty’s and even day time Karaoke. Taiwan keeps throwing out some nice surprise’s.

The first image seen here “swinging lantern’s” just won Photoburst’s Photo of the day. Super stoked.

http://www.photoburst.net Check them out if you get a chance, such a great medium for getting your travel photo’s out there.

Enjoy peeps, thanks for tuning in.


Swinging lanterns

Stone cold

Sleeper 1

Dragon fly hanky panky

On the look out

Biker bandit


Temple time

Peace dude

Some local graffiti

Mmmm not many bites

Sleeper 2

Sleeper 3

On the hunt

Ant’s view

Nice helmet, thanks mum

Black beard

Biker bandit 2

A walking safety cone

Cabbage anyone?

This lady actually caught a few

Day time karaoke…too funny

Tai Chi warrior

Back lit lanterns

Old man 1

Waiting for the lady’s

Sleeper 4

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