Solo Silhouette

Got up super early today, walked outside and it was raining….Cursing the weather gods, I packed my gear into the van and drove down to the beach. It was still dark but the rain had eased. I thought to myself ill go out and shoot some black and whites as there where a few keen surfers suiting up…so I did with that intention.

Swimming out the back waiting for the sun to rise is an amazing feeling, the street light are still on and know one in the water but you and a few other’s who frequent the dawny before work.

I didn’t think I would get many keeper’s today, So happy I went for a swim because it was a great sunrise and the only colour like this I saw all day.


Pink whisp

Bar beach glow

Morning froth

Shorey shine

Down the line

Sometimes you just get lucky

Wave of the morning, but know one around

Solo silhouette

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