Friday Fun.

Felt like a photog photo bomber this morning, crashing the party for Aquabumps lensman Uge and Frother’s Brad Maylon….but hey when in bondi what ya gonna do…so I joined the party of celebrating a new gorgeous day the only way I know how and thats also behind the lens.

Had so much fun watching Joel Pilgrim and his buddies, in their fluro outfits enjoying the morning sliding away together at Sth Bondi.

Hope your day is as good as mine so far.

Enjoy the weekend.



Muckin round

Pigeons enjoying the morning sun

This is what it looks like when the water hasn’t cleared from your lens port yet…doh

Unknown english girl…she was frothing I got the shot

Frothing english girl two

Little whisp

Lines two

Cogs trying for the cover upSun rays and cloudsCogs backhand

Race that section

Joel Pilgrim and his buddies….mad frother’s

These guys are nuts…love it

Joel pilgrim

Best beard on ground..Sam

This guy looked like he was heading to the snow

Nick Coglan getting a few sneaky ones

Little cuttie

Yes Sam…over frothing

Cheeky nose riding fun

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