Fun one today, the lifeguard’s and a couple of the guest’s thought they would try thier hand at the outrigger…needless to say it was funny to watch.

A trip to Mana, snorkel on the reef and a lazy fish to round out the day. What? what else you gonna do when it’s flat.

Friday tomorrow, if your anywhere near the beach and you see some crazy’s dressed in fluro having mad fun down the beach it will be the crew from onewaveisallittakes, raising awareness for mental health and depression. Jump on it, super crew and epic vibe, pretty hard to be down around these guys.


Camera on the rocks and press goYes Kyron, I seriously asked myself why you guy’s where out there as well.Sand ray’sHave fun bailing that out lad’s
Snorkel funMana reefOutrigger crew Mr MahiKyron on his flying stickLunasea charter

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