Its a wrap, well it got wrapped up a little earlier than we all expected due to a Tropical Depression possibly turning into a cyclone. The island got evacuated on tuesday afternoon, such a shame cloudy was all time all morning with just 6 Namotu crew out.

Thanks Scotty and Mandy for the hospitality and all the Namotu crew, Ollie, Kyron, Austin, Mick plus all the Fijian legends that make Namotu the best place on earth.

Im going to be away for a month earning some coin, Ill endeavour to get a blog out asap when I return.

Take it easy peeps, thanks for taking the time out to check in on my blog.


Kyron – CloudbreakMy last sunrise on NamotuUlai ( Claimsy )LipKyron – DesposCrystal clear Looking up the reefWhale way of course for this time of yearScotty and Geoff

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