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A swim at the hole

Hey crew, Had a fun little swim out the hole this morning…only a few small waves about today 2ft on the big setsView full post »

Blue Grass

Hey Crew, The days are getting shorter the sun took it’s sweet time getting over the horizon this morning butView full post »

Bits and bobs from Crescent.

Hey Folks, Rad weekend up at Crescent Head…a sunrise, some super fun waves, great laughs and some cold ones withView full post »


Morning all, Still wet and wild down on the sand today, Swell around the 5-6ft range, bigger on some of the sets. LongView full post »

Im back.

Im lucky enough to have the privilege to work for Mandy and Scotty on Namotu Island Fiji. Since last year I have spent aView full post »

Pacman and punch bug.

Quietly frothing on my drive down to the beach this morning. First early shoot in awhile so seeing all the morningView full post »

Summer is here.

Back over in Bali now, staying at a nice little place in Padang Padang. Swell has dropped but got some fun waves thisView full post »

Bit of blue.

Hey crew, Managed to sneak a few quick shots in this morning before the rain started again. Waves have picked up to 4-View full post »


I had high hopes for some sunshine and colourful clouds this morning, but it was not to be. Cold and grey the call. CoolView full post »

All day

Well what a day. Swell picked up over night seeing some solid 5-6ft sets roll through early at Newcastle while on theView full post »

Water & Fun

Hey friend’s, So Im back on Namotu, Fiji and it’s the best place on earth. Had a great week with some reallyView full post »

Solo Silhouette

Got up super early today, walked outside and it was raining….Cursing the weather gods, I packed my gear into theView full post »

Makin tracks

A few small waves about today, maybe waist high on the sets, Nobby’s resembled a lake most of the morning. A heapView full post »

South Coast Taiwan.

After being in the city all week, I needed to get out, stretch my legs and get some salt water on the body. Id looked upView full post »

All Rounder

Well what a week, this being my last here on Namotu we couldn’t have asked for anything else. We had a slow startView full post »