Tug Life.

You my be wondering why I haven’t posted any surf, travel or lifestyle shots lately….well I have been away working in Melbourne on the good old Tug Reliance.

Twelve hour days for a whole month does get a bit much, you miss out on a lot but having some amazing scenery to look at along the way makes it all that more enjoyable. Here are a few images from the last months adventure’s towing barge’s out to the spoil ground on Port Phillip bay.



Tug and Barge alongside8nm out in the bay
What a morning to be up in the cloudsCalmRAMWest gate outboundCome fly with meWets gate sunriseDragons of the docks


I took a walk around late saturday afternoon down on the stretch ( Cliff to bar beach ). Wasn’t the best light or the best waves but it sure is good to be back behind the lens. Im really struggling to find shots without any movement or a blur in them interesting at the moment…

Hope you enjoy.

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Sea weed shoreySusan GilmoreSecond seaweed shoreyBar beach ocean baths, well the roped off part anyway’sFringeRocksThird sea weed shoreyOutlookFlags b&w


Morning all,

Still wet and wild down on the sand today, Swell around the 5-6ft range, bigger on some of the sets. Long range forecast looks good for the next few days and into the Easter long weekend.




Rain, hail or shine there swimmingBar rider Shut downLow flyer1/8Just chilling
Cutting lapsGull blurJust a light

Green and gold

Hey folks,

Today started out as a cracker, blue sky, that big yellow thing that burns that we haven’t seen for a while….Didn’t last to long though. Manage to grab a few frames out at Nobby’s with the fisheye, been a while since I’ve been out with the housing, thought I would dust the cob webs off and get wet.

SE swell around 4-5ft, winds from the South messing things up a bit, try the Southern corners or up the coast somewhere.

Not to many of these around today
White outPuddle shotNobby’s by fisheye
Water wallsFishoGreen and gold goodness


Hey Folks,

Sorry there has been no updates lately, been away doing some real work. Month off now so stay tuned for more blogs in the weeks to come.

These images are from friday, hey better late than never.


CutbackLittle peelerHigh light silhouetteHumble sea gullLittle peeler to the rightTrolliedHead dipThe only two out, you think they could shareUnder the tree