Its a wrap, well it got wrapped up a little earlier than we all expected due to a Tropical Depression possibly turning into a cyclone. The island got evacuated on tuesday afternoon, such a shame cloudy was all time all morning with just 6 Namotu crew out.

Thanks Scotty and Mandy for the hospitality and all the Namotu crew, Ollie, Kyron, Austin, Mick plus all the Fijian legends that make Namotu the best place on earth.

Im going to be away for a month earning some coin, Ill endeavour to get a blog out asap when I return.

Take it easy peeps, thanks for taking the time out to check in on my blog.


Kyron – CloudbreakMy last sunrise on NamotuUlai ( Claimsy )LipKyron – DesposCrystal clear Looking up the reefWhale way of course for this time of yearScotty and Geoff

Bring it

Hey gang,

Pretty wet start to the day today, the new guest’s got a little wet on the way over…hey it’s the tropics and its summer time.

Sun should show it self for a bit tomorrow followed with some rain, then it will be really hot, then sunny, then rain again….and so on for the next couple days. Long term forecast is for a cyclone by late next week. Mmmm at least there will be swell.

Sunset printsNew ( wet ) arrivals
Flori & TomArvo paddle with the boysLeftsOrange puff Palm leaf’s 20130123-_28B9782
Fishing net used to hold the grass roof in placeRock washSea water


Perfect day on Namotu today, classic sunrise followed by some fun small knee to shoulder high waves at lefts. A few of the lad’s had a spear ( skunked ) and the rest hit Wanqa’s bar to spin some yarn’s about the trip and remanise on the week that was.

Saturday tomorrow, where we say goodbye to the old and hi to the new guests that arrive. That means I get about an hour to clean my room, camera gear do some washing and get a quick surf in before it all starts again. Yew

A new swell is forecast for next week, finger’s crossed


Palm silhouette See knee high20130122-_28B9330
RocksNot sure what this is calledShaka’s all roundFinsLeft’s a bit slowed down


Fun one today, the lifeguard’s and a couple of the guest’s thought they would try thier hand at the outrigger…needless to say it was funny to watch.

A trip to Mana, snorkel on the reef and a lazy fish to round out the day. What? what else you gonna do when it’s flat.

Friday tomorrow, if your anywhere near the beach and you see some crazy’s dressed in fluro having mad fun down the beach it will be the crew from onewaveisallittakes, raising awareness for mental health and depression. Jump on it, super crew and epic vibe, pretty hard to be down around these guys.


Camera on the rocks and press goYes Kyron, I seriously asked myself why you guy’s where out there as well.Sand ray’sHave fun bailing that out lad’s
Snorkel funMana reefOutrigger crew Mr MahiKyron on his flying stickLunasea charter


I thought it was only fitting that you see the sunrise and sunset form two of the best possie’s on the island to just that.

Everything in between can be spelt in a few word’s…small, windy, Fiji bitter.

Going to be more of the same tomorrow, at least the sun is out!

Swinging sunriseDesperate peak’sNot much around today. LeftsHeading out fishing…with a guitar?Nice to see some other colours than greyDreamy
Big MikaThe only place to be at sunset, Wanqa’s bar
Despo’s blurRace itSwinging sunset